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"I HAD AN ABORTED FETUS FOR BREAKFAST!" Roe vs. Wade is being overturned. Whose fault is that? How will this affect men?



Submitted by flyboy805 on

I Blame women for Berny, who did not vote For Hillary!
They did not make a Phone calls to support Hillary in Swing states either.
( HECK F***ing Ted Cruz Made Phone calls supporting Trump after he called his wife ugly.)
Now the same women are going to be protesting even though they skipped 2016 elections.

Submitted by cpk on

and the Bernie bros.Now, as someone else here wrote, they'll be footing more bills for kids they don't want. But not all of us, I've voted in in every fuckin election since I was 18 and have worked campaigns given $$, knocked on doors alla that. And I've never voted for a republican ever, based on this one issue. No matter how much I might like a candidate, and if I agree with him on many issues, I will NOT and have NEVER pulled the lever for him, even if it's a "pro-choice" republican because I've known my whole life that their party was wanting to do this.

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Hilary's running mate was "pro-life", selected in no small part to appease that wing of the electorate. Despite her conservative VP pick, running a shitty campaign, and being simultaneously the most qualified and (almost) the most unlikable presidential candidate ever, she still won by millions of votes.

But she didn't take office. What do you call a system of government where the person who gets the most votes doesn't assume office? That would be a dictatorship. The US ceased being a representative democracy when the political hacks on the Supreme Court decided Bush v Gore instead of actually counting all the ballots.

Democrats try to blame Trump on everybody, those of us who didn't vote for Hillary quite hard enough, Susan Sarandon, Jill Stien, Russia, "Bernie bros", everybody except the actual ignorant mouth-breathing cockmites who actually voted for Trump.

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For men's Rights this is also disastrous.
Men Expect to PAY child support on Bastard Children who are not biologically yours. Sometimes Judges Don't care about DNA tests .
Expect more unwanted children , high cost for schools , care givers, higher INFLATION from this , Higher Taxes to pay for unwarted children, expect more CRIME From Single mother Children.

Uncle Tom expect more Homeless from Red states going to come to California.

Submitted by Hubcap on

You are totally on-point that the ship has sailed, and the barn door is closed. Some of us have been sounding the alarm on this for literally decades. Young people are not aware of what they are about to lose if this snowball keeps rolling. I recall my mother needing a note from my dad to buy condoms. When my mom had an ovarian cyst, my dad had the final decision on whether or not that ovary could be removed. I'm old enough to remember when women couldn't have a credit card or buy a house or a car without a husband or father.
This is the world of the Handmaid's Tale these Christian Nationalists want to bring to the US.
It started back in the 50's with "in God We Trust" on the money and "under God" added to the pledge. In the 70s, Christian Nationalists started infiltrating school boards with their ultimate goal of destroying public education. Then in the 80s they latched on to the Catholics' anti-abortion, anti-birth control stance and turned it into a wedge issue that would bring in conservative voters.

Now, even though a quarter of the US identifies as "none", the US is closer to a theocratic government than ever before in history.

I worked a s a clinic escort in the 80s and 90s; I've seen these Christer assholes up close and personal. I feared more for my person dealing with them than I ever did during my time in Vietnam.

So here we are, America the Backward, the Christian nation they always claimed was granted them by god. And why? because y'all spend so much fucking time worrying about peoples' religions freedom and their "right to believe whatever they want". Again, some of us have been telling you this for fucking decades! Christians, Jews, Muslims, they all think they are better than anyone else. No special rights or protections should be granted religious people, because they will use those rights to force everyone else into their religion.

And personally it doesn't affect me. Mexico is rapidly becoming a much more progressive nation than the US. In fact the state of Guerreo where I live--as I write this--is passing a bill to totally legalize abortion.

I have no solution. But I told you this would happen; I fucking told you.

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I wonder how many of these "pro-life" men out there, who think that even in cases of rape women should carry a fetus to term, I wonder how they'd be if their wife got knocked up by a rapist - how happy is he gonna be supporting the rapists' spawn for EIGHTEEN YEARS??!! I'll bet he'll wanna get that vacuum cleaner out in a hurry.