May 2nd, 2022 | Tom Talks

PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE IN SOMEONE NAMED "GOD" ARE MORONS and Tom still feels as strongly as ever. See if you agree!



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Universe we live in extends 46 billion light years in every direction from us. If you could travel with the speed of light then for a longggg time you wouldn't be able to run into a God or any other higher beings. There is nothing but dark infinite empty space around you. Universe is about 14 billion years old. Now that s a long time! We are the creations of multiple random events that happened during that 14 billion years. It is that simple. You can put a dust particle in space and in 14 billion years it will eventually turn into a some sort of live organism somewhere somehow. We, as the human race are not as special as we think we are. There are no prophets sent to us. They were just some smart individuals who knew how to manipulate people and that s what they did. If they were the true representatives of so called God, then holly books of all religions would still be accurate up to todays world. I mean look at them, it is so obvious that they were written by humans. God would have talked about super high tech computers, night vison cameras, supersonic jet planes etc... Instead these books talked about shit like, covering women's hair, or not drinking wine or not eating pork? What about today's sins, like manipulating the stock market or polluting the ocean? Didn't God foreseen those sins?

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After listening I agree with you 100%. as a non religious person the world looks crazy. peoples dumb unproven belief systems are driving more bad decisions in the world today. Tom, I think you are just amazing and I think you are laser focused on getting the best out of life. before you said you moved and pushed people out of your life that are toxic and not on your level of IQ and thinking. I am currently doing the same, and this includes family members oh-well. religious organizations are a joke I googled all of the cults over the years crazy. you said something a while ago that made sense to me FOCUS. I'm still doing it. thank you.

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Great rant and exactly how I feel. Always hated religion, but thought it was kind of like golf...I don't get it, but a lot of people are really into it so, whatever. Recently though, I've come to realize that religion is a dangerous ideology that really has no place in the 21st century. Even though non-believers now make up about a quarter of the US population, the government itself is becoming more Christian Nationalist every day. I don't believe religion should be a protected class, because it *is* stupid. Why is faith considered a virtue; why is a "god fearing" man somehow automatically moral?
How can you eat a cracker and drink some juice with the belief that it will *literally* turn into Jesus' blood and flesh inside your body? And then get all offended if someone calls that ritual cannibalism?
If any voice other than God's tells you what to do, we call that schizophrenia. It's time to start calling religion what it is...a mental illness.

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hope you talk about abolishment of abortions

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The abortion issue once again has all the bullshit on social media that made me quit calling myself a feminist a couple decades ago. All sex is rape...all pregnancies--especially the unwanted ones--are men's fault, and men need to be punished for sex in same biblical terms that women are. The calls for all women to withhold sex until their rights are restored. (How, exactly, would that work?) The idea that men are entirely responsible for birth control.
(This one makes me particularly crazy since men have two forms of birth control--one of which is probably not available until you've been a father at least once, and the other is about the most unsexy+ thing anyone could think of--and women have a dozen.)
Women should be directing their well-deserved and righteous anger toward religion, not men. But I have to ask how many of these women would still vote for an anti-choice religionist over a pro-choice atheist. Because if that was not the case, this problem would not exist.

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I'm one of those guys they refer to as "condom adverse". My dick retreats at the mere thought. Putting one on is a lot like getting the cat in the carrier for a trip to the vet.

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I love the points on babies and guns. If you believe in god then you don't need a gun because his plan has already been laid out for you and it doesn't involve a gun. The only protection you need is god's and to carry a gun is contradiction. If danger comes for you then that is what god wanted for you; be glad you're about to go to the kingdom and meet your maker.

The book The True Believer by Eric Hoffer is an excellent book on belief. Also, Dawkin's article" Gerin Oil" is a worthy read on belief too.

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Power and Control over the masses by old men. I think that is a root cause of this deity and all the associated religions.

Parents place their children into the thick of it when they baptize babies and condemn them to a delusional life.

People who believe any of this stuff certainly are not rational, critical thinkers. The "Scientific Method" is not on their radar.

Yea they act like morons sooooooooooooooo they are Morons.

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Back to the ol "Ask the Atheist" days. It was amazing on your terrestrial radio days when people would call in and get so mad that you're an atheist. I've had the same reaction from people. If these peoples' faith is so goddamn strong then why are they so threatened by people who don't believe in this crap? Exactly. They really can't justify such myths.

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So Tom are you saying you unsure about this whole religious belief thing? I get the sense from your waffling commentary you're playing it safe, just in case? Like Carey in dumb and dumber-you're saying, " there's a chance!"
Heh heh! God Damn! Way to scorch with fire and brimstone! I think they felt this all the way at the wailing wall!