Feb 26th, 2022 | Money Podcast

WAR IN UKRAINE AND THE MARKET IS GOING WACKY What do we do now? Tom's here with answers!

As auto prices soar, more buyers take out 6½- and 7-year loans



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I grew up during the cold war. This is madness. "Mutually assured destruction" since 1945. 100 seconds to midnight? hello. You young folk probably have never contemplated this because it is unthinkable. And I can't believe we have to go through this again. WTF?! Ain't nobody got time for this. FFS. I don't understand it all, but the world simply cannot allow this war to continue. We are living the movie Doctor Strangelove again? What the ever loving fuck? War. Again. This sucks.

That said, why are adult able-bodied women of Ukraine being allowed to leave? Why aren't women REQUIRED to stay in Ukraine like the men? Women are perfectly capable of fighting and firing a gun. And these days, many better than most pussified men. pfft

Submitted by nguglielmino on

Tom was right that the situation in Ukraine would have an impact on gas prices. The best thing consumers can do in response to rising gas prices is to only drive when necessary and or find other means of transportation. If consumers did this collectively, it could have an impact on prices at the pump

As far as car sales are concerned, I'm surprised we haven't seen a larger increase in demand for fuel efficient vehicles and a decrease in demand for large trucks and SUVs. This was exactly what happened when gas prices where high in 2008. Basic economy cars went up in price and SUV's went down in price. I believe Tom did a show on 97.1 just after gas prices went up in 2008, Where he called out SUV owners for buying such a large vehicle.