Feb 11th, 2022 | Tom Talks

JOE ROGAN SHOWS WHY TOM WAS RIGHT You were wondering why Tom's podcast is on his own proprietary paywalled platform and not available for free on platforms such as YouTube, iTunes, TikTok or Twitch. Joe Rogan showed us why!



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Since going to Spotify, Joe Rogan's show is not as good as it used to be. I think these apologies, like you said, are the latest version of trying to get him to stop his show. His nine figure contract created that inroad. His bigger problem has been how bad his guests have been. He only wishes he could have Jordan Peterson on more often. Jordan made one unbelievably stupid comment about climate change, but at least he has a lot more sensible things to say and didn't have to apologize for being completely wrong on that subject. That's the appeal of a show like Joe Rogan's, that he allows people unbelievable amounts of time, hours, to express their positions. It can't be hard to parse out not just the n word but many things from a format like that, if one is so motivated. By the way, I loved the whole day of Earnhardt show way back when. I think your line was, "Here's a look from the colostomy cam - oh the humanity!"

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Once again Tom you were right. No big surprise for listeners likes me.
Everyone wondered why you're not on YouTube, including me, but once I subscribed, you sat down and explained it to me, I understood.
Yeah, but once again it just proves you're right!! I have also been listening to past shows and it's just crazy you predicted the future. plain and simple and Joe Rogan is going to learn the hard way as they say. Thank you, thank you, for all that you do for us listeners, I truly appreciate it. I'm learning and appreciate the value that you bring to each show that I listen to. I see why Dino loves you so much now, and never wants you to die.

Thanks TOM
In Tom I trust everyone else pays cash.

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