Feb 7th, 2022 | Leykis 101


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Have you seen the new Netflix hit "The Tinder Swindler" would really like your input on that documentary. Those women are emperor's of stupidity with money.

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Hey Tom, I think the most important advice you have previously given was the red flag for a large credit card debit that was incurred purchasing “personal” items. With the advent of the Pandemic some may have used their plastic to purchase the necessities of life. Nonetheless, CC balances should be cleared to zero monthly. As a side note, it emphasizes the need for the one (1) year FU fund you also espouse.

If a listener is not going to follow Leykis 101, then never get into a relationship with a person encumbered in debt. Let them resolve their arrears before becoming involved. This goes for either the partner of whichever gender.

In most states, debt incurred prior to marriage, can remain with the debtor. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll won’t have problems marrying the borrower / potential deadbeat. In fact, a person that is continual owing money (we don’t mean business leverage – though this can easily snowball) could indicate a character flaw. Debt acquired in a marriage is a debt on both of you -- doesn't matter who made the purchase. Successively not having enough funds is rarely about making or having enough money. More than likely it is about deferred gratification & money management.