Jun 25th, 2021 | Tom Talks

NO ONE WANTS TO GO BACK TO NORMAL Tom has had his own journey during this pandemic, all of which he has documented here. But what about the rest of us? We've had 16 months to re-evaluate and consider how we're tired of taking other people's shit. Are you one of these people?

How has the lockdown changed you and the people you know? Tell Tom: tom@blowmeuptom.com.



Submitted by gokusan on

I can't wait to retire in 6 more months. Twenty years in my profession is like working 25 years and dad knows what I do. This pandemic really took the last bit of energy out of me and it will be nice to kick back and relax. Also it is amazing to see the amount of hate I have gotten from my fellow male co workers. You can see the venom in their face when they see a 42 year old man like me who looks a lot younger than my age. I have no wife and no kids by choice. Many of my co workers did not take dad's advice. They have multiple kids, wives, ex wives, girlfriends, alimony and child support payments so they can't afford to retire. Some of them have ex wives who are entitled to half their pension if they retire so they choose to stay on the job hoping that they can out live their ex wives. I have followed dad's advice for many years and it has paid dividends in many ways. Dad's advice will continue to pay dividends in retirement too as my lifestyle and investment strategy will not change one bit. If only my fellow co workers would have discovered Tom Leykis years ago then maybe they would not be in their current predicament. Thanks again Dad for all that you do for your boys. I will continue to subscribe to The Tom Leykis and Gary and Dino podcasts for as long as they choose to keep doing these great content filled shows. :)

Submitted by KK on

What a great time to escape! Enjoy!

It blows my mind how people overcomplicate their lives.

Submitted by TurquoiseTurtle on

To the above poster, congrats on the early retirement! It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t drink the blue pilled kool-aid.

One thing I have never understood (and this is something Tom has mentioned repeatedly as well) is the need to take on unnecessary RESPONSIBILITIES. Why do men do it? Then they just suffer on the PLANTATION and endlessly complain about it.

I don’t wanna be RESPONSIBLE.

Submitted by TONY_LALLI on

I haven't been the same since oct 18th, 2014. that's the day that I wrote the federal criminal indictment for my former boss and past client of mine.

I am pretty sure they had a five year deferred prosecution agreement expires sometime this year. I expect to get restitution on 9/30 or 12 / 31..

either way 10 defendants each plead guilty to 84 felonies in federal criminal court. its only a matter of time tom, before you have your first billionaire listener.

All the defendants are professionals (cpa firm, law firm, insurance corp] and had insurance. and just like arthur anderson the court ordered each to pay 300 million in restitution. ) feel free to check with @cbsnews about my indictment. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ap6fai1knlrklr9/2014_10_18_11_37_02.pdf?dl=0

Submitted by padres74 on

The best advice from Tom. Maintain as little interaction with women at work. No compliments to em. You're only setting yourself up for trouble. Because they'll find a way to use it against you. My kids are grown. I'm single. No debt. Life is sweet. I'm so grateful.

Submitted by UncleKenta on

Worked on many things, and made massive progress during the pandemic. But I'm not done yet. Had some plans and goals that just haven't worked out where I'm at right now, and won't for the foreseeable future. None of which I can control. Like a 2x6 southern pine 8 foot stud costing $16. I thought it was insanity at $14 each. Took a picture. Thought I was seeing things lol.

So... time for a new plan! Made a very major decision and began executing it last week. I am excited, and feel amazing.

Yep, some of the people around me think I'm insane. But they have very different lives than me with wives, ex's, kids, mortgages, debt, car payments, and this, and that, and... Jebuz. I don't have anything like that holding me back.

I could not begin this next chapter of my life, if I hadn't practiced Leykis 101 and especially Money Monday for past several years now. Amazing what you can achieve over time, when you develop new habits. I'm on a new mission.

Thank you Dad!!! And happy birthday too!!!