Jun 19th, 2021 | Guest Interviews

GUSTAVO ARELLANO AND WOKOSOS IN THE HEIGHTS Los Angeles Times columnist and longtime Leykis guest Gustavo Arellano discuss the "woke" reaction to the Lin-Manuel Miranda film In The Heights, the wokester community in general, and the sudden need of advertisers to suddenly squeeze Black people into TV commercials where they've never been before.

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Submitted by UncleKenta on

Great to hear Gustavo's voice!!! Glad he's doing well. I don't know him, but always enjoyed his appearances on the show. Cheers y chingadas to Gustavo! --- I have zero interest in The Heights. Saw the trailer. Nothing there for a half Irish half Mexican desert rat. Only musicals I like were Blues Brothers, Austin Powers, and Blazing Saddles haha.

Submitted by KK on

Give the wokesters an inch and they take a mile..

More people need to stand up to their ridiculous demands!

You've brought up a great point that the 'Woke Mob' isn't a large mob, they just make a lot of noise!

Thank you for this.