Apr 12th, 2021 | Money Podcast

HEALTH EQUALS MONEY! When Tom began his health journey due to the onslaught of COVID-19, he had no idea how many thousands of dollars he would save, living healthier. In this episode, Tom gives you an idea of some of the lifestyle changes he's made and how that translated into THOUSANDS of dollars saved.

Click here to see photos of many of the healthier dishes Tom now enjoys on his Instagram page.

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Submitted by gokusan on

I would rather spend the early years of my life eating a high quality ancestral diet, as opposed to eating crap and then having to spend a lot of money on medical bills later on in life. :)

Submitted by Dr John on

This is an excellent talk to teach people eat healthy, I would like to have this section of talk to be made a CD, then when my patients ask me how I am going to eat healthy, I just give them this talkof CD. Hope them, understand what you are talking about. EASY, AND PRECISE TO SHOW PEOPLE HOW TO CUT DOWN,SUGAR, SALT AND EAT LESS.

Submitted by KK on

Thank you for this Professor!

What good is success if we're not around to enjoy it?

I'm happy for your progress! Very inspiring.

So many have let themselves go during this. You continue to make yourself better!

How about sharing a recipe with us every once in a while?

Thank you again. Glad you're healthy wealthy and happy!

Submitted by cpk on

I see people ahead of me at the supermarket who have their carts full of prepared frozen food, over-processed foods etc and they pay WAY more for a full cart than I do - cause I've always loved vegetables and making my own stuff (crackers, cake, etc - I make my own) so it's true. I'm getting way healthier food at half the price. Oh yeah, then I look at the people and they always look unhealthy

Submitted by John Nett on

Eat things from the ground, high quality protein, whole grains, and drink water. Sugars and excess salt will quickly shorten a lifespan. We only go around once, let's be kind to and do the right thing to our human bodies, they deserve it. Most of our sickness's, I think, are the result of the unhealthy things we put in our mouths. Congratulations on your physical and I'm sure mental changes. Very inspiring Tom.

Submitted by matt120 on

Thank you for the great show. So much great information.

Submitted by masterautotech on

TOM I'm so excited I, have brought a bread maker. I'm very happy using this machine and taking your advice to hearth. I love making bread and the way it tastes' so good. I've made whole wheat bread and pizza. and the taste is amazing. there is no going back now. thank you, thank you, thank you, Tom. its been hard but I kept going and looking back I'm doing better. I'm one very happy subscriber dad.